Sunday, 15 February 2015

Greetings from United Kingdom

I had some fun with this postcard... :P I had a couple of older lighthouse stamps I wanted to use on it to send to myself. I was hoping to get a cancellation, too, but after dropping the card in a postbox TWICE there was still no sign of a cancellation (or even those orange stripes that you normally see). Matt's dad finally managed to get the stamps cancelled for me at the small post office he sometimes goes to.

I've said this before, but before moving to England I really thought most people here drank tea, but so many people drink coffee instead (and not even proper coffee but the instant stuff...). ...and it's annoyingly difficult to find nice flavoured black loose-leaf teas where I live. There are shops in London and some other places, but not here. There's no Whittard's around here and their teas aren't that good anyway. :P

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