Sunday, 1 February 2015

Greetings from France

Um, yes, I have received postcards in 2015 as well. :P I don't know why I keep posting older cards in this blog...hmmm. It also seems like I'll never catch up with this blog - I still have a big pile of postcards put aside that I've selected to write about here. Anyway, this card is from a swap with Patrick in France earlier this year. Thank you so much!

I might have mentioned that I really like this series of postcards, even if it's pretty difficult to get some of the cards written and stamped from the countries they depict. ...and the series keeps growing, which doesn't help either. Their popularity kind of reminds me of how Nouvelles Images multiples cards used to be really popular and again, kind of hard to get. Still, they ARE very nice.


kingway Kinga said...

I love postcards from this Postallove series :)

Anu said...

I do, too :)