Saturday, 5 February 2011


A new country! Yeah, this is my first postcard received from Nigeria. Thank you so much for the swap, Irina!

Irina told me that it's really difficult to find viewcards in Nigeria, but I don't mind receiving this, it's always great to see people and traditions in different countries. ...and judging by the number of Nigerian postcrossers, it doesn't look like postcards are hugely popular over there anyway.

This postcard shows 'Nigerian Cultural Dance'. Irina says that Nigerians, in general, like dancing and singing. She prefers the traditional dancing to the modern dancing. I don't know anything about either (and couldn't find much information on them either) so I can't really comment, but I reckon they have different purposes anyway so it would be a bit harsh to compare. I'd just like to say that the ladies on this card are very pretty! :)

The stamp on the left is from 2009 and commemorates the World Cup in South Africa, and the stamp on the right is from a set of 8 definitives issued in 2001, showing animals. This one here is the Red-eared Guenon.

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