Saturday, 5 February 2011

Nassau, Bahamas

This is a postcard I wasn't originally even supposed to received... Jennifer of the USA was on holiday in the Bahamas last year and sent me a card from there, but for some reason it never arrived. ..or at least it hasn't arrived so far. I do wonder what happened to it, and I'm quite annoyed because it would have been my first written and stamped postcard from the Bahamas! Jennifer was kind enough to send me another card, though this one is mailed from the USA but it's still something. It's not like I have a ton of postcards showing Bahamas, and maybe one day I'll get a written and stamped card from there...

Nassau is the capital, largest city, and commercial center of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The city has a population of 248,948 (in 2010), 70 percent of the entire population of The Bahamas (353,658). The city is located on the island of New Providence, which functions much like a federal district. While there is no local government, it is governed directly as an administrative division of the national government. Nassau is considered a historical stronghold of pirates.

Located on New Providence Island, Nassau has an attractive harbor, a colorful blend of old world and colonial architecture, and a busy port. The tropical climate and natural beauty of the Bahamas has made Nassau a popular tourist destination.

Nassau grew up directly behind the port area. New Providence provides 200 km² of relatively flat and low-lying land intersected by low ridges (none of which restricted settlement). In the center of the island there are several shallow lakes that are tidally connected.

The city's proximity to the United States (290 km east-southeast of Miami, Florida) has contributed to its popularity as a holiday resort, especially after the banning of American travel to Cuba.

The two bigger stamps are from a set of 5 stamps issued in 2010, showind 'Sunday Funnies'. The small stamp is a definitive stamp from 2003, showing the American Clock.

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