Saturday, 12 February 2011


Just a couple of cards for today.. I was going to post more but it's already a bit late and I still have other things to do. I feel quite overwhelmed at the moment, too, as me and my boyfriend Matt are trying to sort out our wedding, and we are finally getting somewhere and have a date now: 14th August this year. I expect to be quite busy organising that from now...

This lovely viewcard arrived from Estonia a while ago. I have no idea of the exact location of this place but it looks gorgeous, so calm and peaceful. I love the colours here, too, the pink and green, and the mist in the background. Gorgeous!

The stamp is great, too. As you can see, it commemorates the Year of the Rabbit. The first day cancellation was such a lovely surprise, I wasn't expecting it at all but it's beautiful, and I have a soft spot for special cancellations. :)

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