Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Greetings from Italy

Today's 'Greetings from' postcard comes from Italy. I also just realised that I hadn't posted any Italian postcards here for quite a while... ooops!

I was asking my Italian penpal Marta about the selection of pasta in Italian supermarkets a while back. Apparently it's pretty good. ;) I would love to visit an Italian supermarket... I realised a while ago that if you buy good-quality pasta, you can really taste the difference. The normal supermarket pasta here isn't that great, but the pasta I bought was very nice indeed. Mmmm... Haha, and whenever my sister visits London (she's coming over this weekend actually and I'll be going to see her next weekend. Can't wait!), she always visits this one Italian deli and buys pasta to take home. :D

Is it weird that one of the main reasons I'd love to visit Italy is because of the food? I love Italian gelato, too, mmmmm...!! ...and I'd love to try proper pizza, and other dishes as well. I'd probably gain quite a bit of weight if I was to visit Italy.. :P

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