Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dayan the Cat, Japan

A rare non-viewcard for this blog... I really like these Dayan the Cat illustrations, though, so I just *had* to post this here.

This postcard is from Michelle in Japan. I swapped 'Greetings from' postcards with her and received the Japan version from her, but mine was taking ages to arrive and it seemed like it had got lost so I sent her another one. ...and then the first one arrived pretty much straight after I had posted the second card, so Michelle sent me this as a thank you.

Michelle also asked me about my Sunday morning traditions. I don't really have any... I normally sleep late if I can, but once a month I try to go to an Aikido class in Birmingham.

Dayan the Cat is a character designed by Akiko Ikeda. There are quite a few books in the series, I think. I first came across this cat a few years ago when a Japanese penpal of mine sent me a Dayan the Cat book. It's in Japanese, though, and even though it's a children's book so supposedly the text is fairly simple, I don't understand too much of it. I did study the basics of Japanese in university, but it's been years and I haven't used the language since then so have forgotten most of it. I do think these illustrations are absolutely adorable, though. I've been lucky enough to receive a few postcards with Dayan. :)

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