Sunday, 16 September 2012

bicycle, the Netherlands

The Netherlands seems to have an endless supply of bicycle postcards... which suits me just fine as I love them! :) This one is from a favourites tag on the Postcrossing forum this summer.

I don't have much to say about this card expect that I really, really like it. The Anne Frank graffit is brilliant!


Ana said...

ive been fond of bicycles for a long time, and it is my favourite means of transport in the chaotic street jungle....except on rainy days like today...but just recently i realized that I love bicycle cards too and that I should start a collection on them as well :) I also have this card! Just LOVE it!

Anu said...

You should definitely start collecting bicycle postcards, too! :D

I really like bicycles, too, and used to ride them A LOT when I was still living in Finland, it was my main means of transport (well, not in the winter when the roads were icy :P). I'm too scared to ride a bicycle here in England, though, there's way too much traffic and no cycling paths, and I don't trust some drivers enough :/