Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tarkhankutskyi lighthouse, Black Sea, Russia

Russia is one of the biggest countries on the official postcrossing site... so why am I receiving so few officials from there? I've been wondering that for a while now as I wouldn't mind receiving more cards from there. Oh well, at least I still get lots of them through swaps and tags/RRs. :)

This card shows the Tarkhankutskyi lighthouse by the Black Sea. I really like this card and how blue it is. So pretty! ..and it's not like I have too many lighthouse postcards from Russia so I'm always curious to see more. :)

The card came in an envelope with a few other, equally lovely, postcards. ..and the stamps on the envelope are just gorgeous! The one at the top is from 2001 and is Russia's contribution to that year's Europa stamps series, that year's theme being 'water'. The lighthouse stamp underneath is from a set of 3 lighthouse stamps issued in 2006, and the small stamp is from a set of 12 definitive stamps issued in 2009, depicting Russian Kremlins. This one shows the Moscow Kremlin.

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