Saturday, 26 March 2011

120 km/hr

I'm certainly very good at wasting time. It just seems to disappear somewhere, and a lot of the time I haven't really been doing much anything. I can't understand people who say they get bored and don't know what to do - I always have TOO MANY things I'd like to do, and never enough time. Yay for procrastinating.. :P

Anyway.. I thought I'd post another older card, from my second postcrossing account. I haven't used it for ages now, I had it back when you could only have 5 postcards travelling at the same time. There hasn't been any need for it after the limits increased, and at the moment there's no way I could afford to keep all the cards travelling that I'm allowed to send, especially as I still like to participate on the forum as well. This is one of my favourite cards received from that second account.


I wonder what that person is thinking about.. probably wanting to hop on the train and travel somewhere far, far away. Well, that's what I would be thinking anyway :P I could really do with a little trip somewhere, it's not good to be stuck in one place for so long..

The photo is by Jan Saudek, a Czech art photographer. His best-known work is noted for its hand-tinted portrayal of painterly dream worlds, often inhabited by nude or semi-nude figures surrounded by bare plaster walls or painted backdrops, frequently re-using identical elements (for instance, a clouded sky or a view of Prague's Charles Bridge). You can see more of his photos here but do take the above as a warning - it's probably not a very good idea to browse his website if you are at work. :P ...or if you are underaged or don't like nudity.

The stamp is from a set of 5 stamps issued in 2008. I'm not entirely sure what these stamps are supposed to present, presumably "party time". The stamp booklet looks a bit confusing, too, as if you don't look carefully, it would be easy to think it actually contains 6 stamps instead of 5. Indeed, I once received a postcard with that bottom part used as a stamp. I'm quite impressed it actually made its way here and I didn't have to pay anything for 'missing postage'.


Ana said...

Ive seen this card in someone's gallery! It is sooooooo fantastic! I love it!! Lucky lucky jealous now :P

Anu said...

I just love the atmosphere in it!