Saturday, 26 March 2011

Asunción, Paraguay

This is another one of the three cards that Ana in Paraguay very kindly sent to me back in January. It is certainly a treat, thank you so much for this!

Here you can see a view of the centre of Asunción. This is the 'Pantéon de los Héroes'. It's a smaller version of 'Les Invalides' from Paris, France. Just like "army related elements and Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb can be found inside 'Les Invalides', tombs of national heroes (like the 1st president of Paraguay) and army related things can be found inside. The pantheon was built in 1863 but it had to be delayed until 1936 because a war had started. On the left you can see flags and on the right natives who sell their handmade bags and jewellery to tourists who visit the city.

This card is written and stamped, but as the stamp is the same as the one on the first card, I'm not posting it again here.

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