Thursday, 10 March 2011

Dagestan, Russia

I have a lot of postcards from Russia as Postcrossing seems to be getting more and more popular over there, but this is my first postcard from the Republic of Dagestan. :)

This card shows the Gunibskoye plateau in the Gunibsky District (unless I'm very much mistaken?) in Dagestan.

The Republic of Dagestan is located in the North Caucasus region. Dagestan has great ethnic diversity, with several dozen ethnic groups and subgroups, most of which speak either Caucasian, Turkic, or Iranian languages. Largest among these ethnic groups are the Avar, Dargin, Kumyk, and Lezgin. While Russians form only a small proportion (4.7%) of the population, Russian remains the primary official language. The area's capital is Makhachkala, located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea. According to a 2002 census, the city had a population of 462,412.

Kate used some amazing stamps, I really like these! The one on the left is from 2009, a definitive from a set of 12 showing Russian Kremlins, this one here being the Kazan Kremlin. The other small stamp is from the same set and shows the Pskov Kremlin. The stamp in the middle is from a set of 5 stamps issued in 2005, with the theme "The Earth - Light-blue Planet". The stamp on the right fits the theme of the postcard perfectly! It's from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2008, depicting Decorative Art of Dagestan. This one here shows a Kerchief chain with pendants. Just beautiful!

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