Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Southern Alps, New Zealand

Another week gone by.. and it's been a pretty good week, too. I've been to aikido and am actually enjoying it, I hope it'll last...! I've also been working on my crazy rainbow-striped crochet bag and got addicted to Being Human again - I've been watching season 2 and love it, I'm really excited about the third season. :) Mmmmm, yes, and I have also received some very nice postcards. :) This one from New Zealand arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I really like it. Isn't it a gorgeous view? I love the light here, and the full moon in the sky.

Here you can see moonrise over Mt Tasman (left) and Aoraki/Mt Cook, the two highest peaks in the Southern Alps at 3498 metres and 3754 metres respectively, seen here above the rainforest south of Okarito on the West Coast.

The Southern Alps is a mountain range which runs along the western side of the South Island of New Zealand. It forms a natural dividing range along the entire length of the South Island. The term "Southern Alps" generally refers to the entire range, although separate names are given to many of the smaller ranges that form part of it.

The range is often known in New Zealand as the Main Divide, as it effectively separates the more heavily populated eastern side of the island from the west coast. Politically, the peaks of the Southern Alps form the boundary of the Canterbury and West Coast Regions.

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