Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dedushka Moroz, Russia

I wasn't going to post any Christmas cards here but I dediced to make an exception with this card I received from my friend Katya in Russia. Firstly because Russian Christmas traditions interest me, and secondly because I want to show you the cool stamps and cancellation on the card. :D

Russians actually celebrate New Year instead of Christmas. I quite like the idea - wishing friends and family all the best for a happier, better new year. :)

Dedushka Moroz or "Grandfather Frost" plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus, and is said to bring presents to children, however, unlike the secretive Santa Claus, the gifts are often delivered "in person", at New Year's Eve parties and other New Year celebrations. (This is from Wikipedia - The Finnish Father Christmas also often delivers presents to children "in person"!)

Such nice Russian Christmas stamps from 2010, and with a special cancellation, too! ...although annoyingly they had to add a normal cancellation on top of the special one, grrr!

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