Thursday, 20 January 2011

Shanghai, China

This beautiful card of Shanghai is from a swap with Lily in China. Thank you so much!

On the forefront you can see the Chenghuang Temple, or 'City God Temple' in Shanghai. It forms the core of the old city of Shanghai. Today the "City God Temple" not only refers to the large temple complex, but also the traditional district of commerce in the city, surrounding the temple. There are over a hundred stores and shops in this area, and most of these store buildings are nearly a century old. The temple connects to the Yuyuan Garden, another landmark of the old city.

The three high buildings in the background, from left to right, are The Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the JinMao Building and the Shanghai World Financial Center, all famous landmarks of Shanghai.

The stamp on the left was issued in 2009 and has the Chinese word 'inverted' (meaning "Good Fortune and Happiness") in it. This word has the same pronunciation as another Chinese character that means 'come'. The small stamp in the middle is from a set of 6 definitives issued in 2002 with the theme "Protecting the common homeland", and the stamp on the right is a New Year's stamp from 2009.

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