Thursday, 20 January 2011

Prince Edward Island, Canada

My cards for today are a bit of a mixed batch... but I don't always need a theme, do I?

Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province consisting of an island of the same name, as well as other islands. The maritime province is the smallest in the nation in both land area and population (excluding the territories). According to the 2009 estimates, Prince Edward Island has 141,000 residents.

The island's landscape is pastoral. Rolling hills, woods, reddish white sand beaches, ocean coves and the famous red soil have given Prince Edward Island a reputation as a province of outstanding natural beauty. The provincial government has enacted laws that attempt to preserve the landscape through regulation, although the lack of consistent enforcement and absence of province-wide zoning and land-use planning recently resulted in aesthetically displeasing development.

The island's lush landscape has a strong bearing on its economy and culture. Author Lucy Maud Montgomery drew inspiration from the land during the late Victorian Era for the setting of her classic novel Anne of Green Gables. Today, many of the same qualities that Montgomery and others found in the island are enjoyed by tourists who visit year-round. They enjoy a variety of leisure activities, including beaches, various golf courses, eco-tourism adventures, touring the countryside, and enjoying cultural events in local communities around the island.

I have to confess my interest to Prince Edward Island comes mostly from Anne of Green Gables... I haven't read it before but I recently bought the first book in the series (I love the 1p secondhand books on!) and hope to read it soon. Emma, who sent me this card, also sent me an Anne postcard amongst all the other cards. :)

On this card you can see the Confederation Bridge (on the top) and Park Corner Fields (bottom), and on the bottom right corner you can see the Cap-Egmont Lighthouse.

The card came in an envelope - with many, many gorgeous stamps! The large stamp in the middle is from a set of 2 stamps issued in 2005, depicting Mammals. The stamps on the right are from a set of 5 stamps issued in 2007, depicting Insects. The Queen Elizabeth stamp in the middle is a definitive from 2009, and the stamps on the left are from a set of 5 stamps issued in 2010, showing Insects (again).

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