Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Denmark

I don't have many postcards from Denmark, which is a little strange considering it's so near to Finland. I know in Sweden postage is really expensive, which has to be one of the reasons why there aren't many postcrossers there, but I don't know what the case with Denmark is? Maybe the stamp prices again - I just did a quick online conversion and it seems like it cost almost one pound to mail this card. Geez...! Well, this very nice official arrived earlier this week, thank you Rita!


Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in Jutland Denmark started life on December 27, 1900 (construction started in 1899). The lighthouse is on the top of Lønstrup Klint (cliff), 60 metres above sea level. Until 1908 it operated on gas which it produced from a gasworks on the site. It ceased to operate on August 1, 1968.

Shifting sands and coastal erosion led to the buildings being abandoned in 2002. Prior to their abandonment, the buildings had been used as a museum and coffee shop. The small buildings are now partially buried in sand, and by 2009 the small buildings had been severely damaged by the pressure of the sand.

The stamp is from a set of 2 stamps issued in 2010, depicting Nordic Coastlines. This one here is the Port of Aarhus.

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