Thursday, 19 May 2011

Vietnamese girl

Today's cards are a bit of a mixed batch again. I could probably figure out a theme for my posts by now as I have so many waiting to be blogged about, but I prefer it this way for now. The last week has been pretty hectic, what with a birthday party (I turned 29 a week ago), aikido, volunteering.. and yesterday I went to Birmingham for some wedding-related stuff, although I did pick up a few postcards as well. ;)

Anyway. My first postcard for today comes from dear Jo in Vietnam. Earlier this year she offered her most favourites postcard for swap and of course I had to ask for one. It's SUCH a pretty card, no wonder it's so popular (although to be honest, I think most of Jo's cards are really beautiful, I don't think I could ever pick my favourite amongst them!).

This little girl is from Sapa in northern Vietnam where many of Vietnam's ethnic minority groups live. Jo tells me that Sapa is the only place in Vietnam where it ever snows, and earlier this year it snowed there for the first time in 8 years.

As of 2003, Sapa had a population of 42,095. The district covers an area of 677 km² and its capital lies at Sa Pa.

The stamps are from a set of 2 flower stamps issued in 2010.


Heather said...

What an AMAZING card!!!

TomoyoHime said...

Such a cute picture! I'm very picky when it comes to cards with humans on it, but this card is beautiful.

Ana said...

I think that all those east Asian/south Asian cards with children ive seen are simply AODRABLE...this one is no exception....i LOVE it!!!! said...

have you ever been to Vietnam?, it is common view of H'mong girl you could see in Sapa vietnam , or

Anu said...

No, I've never been to Vietnam unfortunately. I'd love to, though!