Saturday, 28 May 2011

New York, USA

I thought I'd finish today with something a little different...

The headquarters of the United Nations is a distinctive complex in New York City, United States, that has served as the official headquarters of the United Nations since its completion in 1952. It is located in the Turtle Bay neighborhood of Manhattan, on spacious grounds overlooking the East River.

The United Nations has three additional, subsidiary, regional headquarters or headquarter districts. These are located in Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria), and Nairobi (Kenya). These adjunct offices help represent UN interests, facilitate diplomatic activities, and enjoy certain extraterritorial privileges, but only the main headquarters in New York contains the seats of the principal organs of the UN, including the General Assembly and Security Council. All 15 of the United Nation's specialized agencies are located outside New York at these other headquarters or in other cities.

Though it is in New York City, and part of the United States, the land used by the United Nations Headquarters is considered international territory, while also being subject to most local, state, and federal laws.

...and what makes this postcard so special is the fact that it was mailed directly from the UN Headquarters in New York! The stamp was issued in 2010 to commemorate the 65 years of United Nations. I really like the special cancellation, too.


Nives said...

It's so cool how they have their own stamp and all!!! A nice thing to have in your collection. ;)

Anonymous said...

This card is really cool!
I received the same stamp but I don't think it's as good quality as imagined before.