Sunday, 14 November 2010

Belgrade, Serbia

One more card for today. I thought I'd stay in the ex-Yugoslavian area, so here's a card from Serbia. It was a lovely surprise card from Ana, and another Ana, from Belgrade, a lovely person I've done a swap with before. They sent me a card from their little meeting in Belgrade. Thank you so much, ladies!

Kalemegdan Fortress is one of the biggest preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. Favourite Belgrade park area with a lot of cultural, historical and sport facilities and events, as well as clubs and restaurants. Charles VI (Karlo VI) gate was raised in 18th century, in the honor of the Austrian Emperor, conqueror of Belgrade against Ottoman Empire.

Such a lovely stamp! It's from a set of 2 stamps issued earlier this year for the Year of the Tiger. I wish the UK would issue stamps like this, too. :/

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