Saturday, 17 January 2015

Walker's Wood, St. Ann, Jamaica

One more card for today. This one's from 2012, received through the 'Vacation RR' on the Postcrossing forum. I rarely manage to get into the groups these days (and I do wonder sometimes how people do it as it always seems to be the same people getting into the groups O_o) but I was lucky back then. Anyway, I really like this view.

The village of Walker's Wood is located in Saint Ann, the largest parish in Jamaica. It is situated on the north coast of the island, in the county of Middlesex, roughly halfway between the eastern and western ends of the island. It is often called 'the Garden Parish of Jamaica' on account of its natural beauty. Saint Ann is the birthplace of reggae singers Floyd Lloyd, Burning Spear, Shabba Ranks, and Bob Marley. The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, one of Jamaica's seven National Heroes, was also born there. More recently, it has become known as the headquarters of the Jamaica Dogsled Team.


agi said...

i suppose those that are very keen have notifications on and check every update...i have given up on RRs. for now. great catch though!

Anu said...

Mmmmm, I suppose so. It just seems like unless you treat it like a full-time job you have no chances.

Ja Optymistyczna said...

Fantastic stemp! There is nothing more "Jamaican" than Bob Marley!
Greetings from Poland! Fel invited to my blog! :)