Saturday, 17 January 2015

Saint Aubin harbour, Jersey

This is still one of my only written and stamped postcards from Jersey...

Saint Aubin is a port in the Channel Island of Jersey. It opens out to a bay of the Gulf of Saint-Malo.

Originally a fishing village located on the west side of Saint Aubin's Bay opposing St Helier to the east, St Aubin is the hub of the parish of St Brelade. Its name refers to Saint Aubin the 6th Century C.E. bishop of Angers, and may reflect the name of a long-disappeared chapel.

The parish hall is housed in the former railway station. The Railway Walk, a trail following the route of the former railway to La Corbière, starts from St Aubin.

Saint Aubin's Fort lies in the bay on a tidal island, just outside the harbour. This fort is accessible on foot, at a low tide, via a causeway that runs from the road just in front of the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club. The fort features a tower keep that is surrounded by granite walls and ramparts. During the Occupation of the Channel Islands, the German forces added bunkers and other features to the fort.

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