Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Jiufen, Taipei, Taiwan

Last month there was a post in the Postcrossing blog about a special Postcrossing cancellation. I loved the idea but was too late to ask if I could receive a postcard with that cancellation, and I don't have any very close Postcrossing friends in Taiwan so I didn't think I had any changes of receiving this cancellation. ...which is why I was so surprised to find a postcard with the cancellation on in my mailbox earlier this month. I had an official with the cancellation (although the card is only signed by the sender.. maybe Taiwanese meet-ups are different to those elsewhere in that not everyone signs all cards?? Does anyone know?)! What a lovely surprise! :)

On the card you can see a view of Jiufen, a mountain area in Taipei. I've already written about the place here so I won't repeat myself again here. It's such a lovely view, though, and I love the colours and the misty atmosphere. So dreamy!

...and here's the special cancellation alongside with some really pretty stamps. :)

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