Saturday, 26 May 2012


This week has been really sunny and warm, well over +20 C every day. It makes a nice change to the usual rain and cold, although the heat hasn't been much fun during Aikido lessons (there's no air conditioning at the sports hall in the university where I practice). Otherwise I can't complain much. :) ...although at times like this I wish I lived closer to the sea and not in the middle of England, about as far from the seaside as you can get in this country. I'd love to go on a beach!

I wouldn't mind a beach like this either ;) It looks like such a perfect place, a tropical paradise. This beach is located in Anse Royale, an administrative district of Seychelles located on the island of Mahé. My penpal Sperenza sent me this card last year and it's my first written and stamped postcard from Seychelles. :)

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