Thursday, 31 May 2012

Belgrade, Serbia

Ana surprised me with this gorgeous, HUGE postcard from the 1st Postcrossing meeting in Belgrade on 29 October last year. It's always great to receive cards from Postcrossing meet-ups, and it's even more special when they were sent by a dear person. :) I'd love to attend more meet-ups but there aren't many in the UK, and even then it's the case of whether of not I can afford to go, grrr.

On this card you can see Ada Ciganlija, an island on the Sava which was turned into a peninsula by an artificial isthmus. On the lake there is a bathing resort, and on the river banks there are rowing clubs, swimming clubs, boat marines and several hundreds of boat houses.

It looks really beautiful, and I love the purple tones of this card, SO pretty!

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