Wednesday, 23 May 2012


This blog turned two years last Thursday and I was going to write a special post about it, but then something happened and updating a postcard blog wasn't exactly one of my top priorities. I don't want to go into details here but I might be going to Finland at some point this summer. (Although mum did say that another option might be for her and dad to come over to England at some point, but nothing's quite sure at this point.)

Speaking of Finland, I've been receiving even more postcards from there than usual this month thanks to my dear friend Paula who deRRided to surprise me and asked for her cards in the Finnish 'May RR' to be sent to me instead as RAS cards. I'm still quite overwhelmed by her surprise, that was such a sweet thing to do! ...and the cards I've received have been amazing, so many lovely treats in my mailbox!

This is one of the cards I received from this RR. You can't really tell from the scan, but it's a huge panoramic card, SO pretty and really makes me miss Finland. My parents often spend their days off by a lake like this during summers and now that I live in England, I really love visiting the place again. I have no idea what lake the one on this card is as there's nothing about it anywhere on the card. They all look so similar (but beautiful!).

The stamp is so pretty as well! It shows the Bothnian Sea National Park in Finland. I'm so excited about the first day cancellation, too :)

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