Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Eckerö, Åland

Another postcard with a lighthouse on it... This one is from MrsTaavi, who visited Finland and a few neighbouring countries last week. I wasn't sure which country she'd send a card from so I was really excited when she picked Åland :)

Eckerö is a municipality of Åland, with a population of 978 (31 January 2012) and covers an area of 752.63 square kilometres of which 644.94 km2 is water. The municipality is unilingually Swedish and 90% of the population are Swedish speakers. It is the westernmost municipality of Åland and Finland. The company Eckerö Linjen operates a ferry connection between Berghamn in Storby, Eckerö and Grisslehamn on Väddö, Norrtälje in Sweden.

The municipality has previously also been known as Ekkerö in Finnish documents, but is today referred to as "Eckerö" also in Finnish.

Eckerö's most famous building is the Post and Customs house. It is the largest and most impressive building that has been erected to aid the postal services between Stockholm and St. Petersburg. The building was built during the Russian times in 1828 and architect C.L Engel made the construction plans.

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