Saturday, 21 January 2012

woman and flowers

2012 has started pretty well when it comes to postcards; I've already received so many beautiful postcards! This one is from Tina in the US, she sent it as an 'angel' for a RR I joined on the Postcrossing forum last year. How sweet of her!

I had never heard of this 'angeling' thing before but it sounds like such a nice idea. ...and this is such a beautiful postcard! On the back of the card it says the title of the painting is 'Blossoms', and then 'Arthur Drummond 1871-1951. I couldn't find any info about this painter..

Well, the main reason for my posting this card here is the pretty stamps and the cancellation. These 'mailer's postmark permit' cancellations are FANTASTIC, I'm so excited to receive a postcard with one at last! I wish we had cancellations like this in the UK, too. Most cancellations (apart from first day cancellations and some other exceptions) here are horrible, just a mess made by a machine. :(

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