Saturday, 7 January 2012

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Just one more card for today. This one is from Chile, and like most of my Chilean postcards, this one is from Daniela. Thank you so much, dear, this is such a beauty!

Santiago de Chile is the capital and largest city of Chile, and the center of its largest conurbation (Greater Santiago). It is located in the country's central valley, at an elevation of 520 m above mean sea level. Although Santiago de Chile is the capital, legislative bodies meet in the coastal town of Valparaíso, 120 km to the west.

Chile's steady economic growth has transformed Santiago de Chile into one of Latin America's most modern metropolitan areas, with extensive suburban development, dozens of shopping centers, and impressive high-rise architecture. It has a very modern transport infrastructure, including the steadily growing underground Santiago Metro, an effort at modernizing public bus transport and a free flow toll-based ring road and inner city highway system, part of which is tunneled underneath a large section of the city's main river Mapocho connecting the Eastern and Western end of the city in a 25-minute drive. Santiago de Chile is the regional headquarters to many multinationals and a financial center. Santiago de Chile has a diverse, cosmopolitan culture.

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