Sunday, 10 July 2011

Wildlife, Tristan da Cunha

Blogger has been playing up quite a bit today and I'm getting really fed up with it. :S Therefore, only one more card for today. I wrote earlier that I wanted to post more about Tristan da Cunha as I received a bunch of postscards from there. Well, here is another one, and a really lovely one at that, too.

Such beautiful animals! I would have no idea of their names but there's a helpful explanation on the back of the card:

Rockhopper Penguin, Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal (Protected at Gough & Inaccessible Islands), Wilkins'Bunting (Endemic to Nightingale Island, Endangered), Brown Noddy.

The penguin reminds me of one of the penguins in the film 'Happy Feet'. :D I really like that film, too, and what makes it more special to me is that I saw it for the first time in Edinburgh a few years ago with a dear friend. Memories...

Such lovely stamps! They are from a set of 12 stamps issued in 2010 under the theme 'Nature conservation'. Mmmm, and the special cancellation is very cool as well. :) I'm still surprised these cards didn't travel for ages to reach me.

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