Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Chukotka, Russia

Another card from the diary swap I did with my Russian friend Katya earlier this year. I just love these views!

As I already wrote about Chukotka in that earlier post (link above), I won't repeat it here. Let me just say that I really love these views of Russian nature and wilderness. There is such diversity in that country, it's amazing. I'm thinking of starting a collection of all different regions of Russia, I was inspired by a post of the postcrossing forum. I need to go through all my cards first, though, and try to organise them by country. That's going to take some time...!

Katya always uses the most amazing stamps on her cards and this one is no exception. The stamp on top left is from 2003, from the 'Europa' series, that year's theme being Poster Art. The two flower stamps in the middle are from a set of 5 stamps issued in 1999, depicting roses. The stamp on the right is from a sheet of 5 stamps issued in 2005, depicting insects, and the stamp on the bottom is from a set of 3 stamps issued in 2004, commemorating the Birth Bicentenary of M.I.Glinka.

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Heather said...

Beautiful, I dont get cards like this from Russia!