Saturday, 16 July 2011

S.68, Russia

A very cool locomotive card I received from a swap with Andrey in Russia. We've exchanged a bunch of postcards now and I really like everything he's sent me so far.

This is a bit of a strange postcard - you couldn't really send it written and stamped because there's so much writing on the back of the card. I've seen cards like that from Russia before, I wonder if they exist in other countries as well? Anyway, at least there's some helpful info about the picture on the back:

One of the best passenger locomotives built in Russia before the revolution. Designed by B.S. Malakhovskii, chief engineer of Sormovo (hence the class name S).
Probably built by Nevskii Works in Petrograd in 1917. During 1960-1970s it was used as a stationary boiler in Moscow at an industrial enterprise. Restored at the October railway's Khovrino locomotive depot in 1983.
The single survivor of this class.

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