Saturday, 16 January 2016

Greetings from Barbados

It's weird, I was expecting this postcard to be a lot more difficult to get sent from Barbados than it turned out to be. :o I seem to remember everyone being really confused about this card even getting printed - why choose such a rare country with hardly any Postcrossers?? It seems to be happening a lot more with the more recent issues, too... Most of the upcoming ones seem really hard/pretty much impossible to get hold of. ...although I suppose it's bound to happen as you run out of more "common" countries. :P

I'm not really sure what to say about this card... I do like the sunset (or is that a sunrise??) and the calm atmosphere.

On a random note, I would love to explore Caribbean cuisine a bit more. There are a lot of Jamaican restaurants over here but I'm not so sure of the other countries in the Caribbean... I used to read the Vegan In The Sun blog as I found it really inspiring, but then it didn't get updated for months on end. I just looked it up again and found out that it has moved here - I'll have to have a proper look soon!


Ana said...

One thing that kinda puzzles me about the GF cards is 'the number of postcrossers' thing...when it comes to the larger communities, it cannot change dramatically...or at least not in the coming years...but with the smaller ones, like Barbados for example, I wouldn't really use an exact number or so...cos out of curiousity I just checked and it says there are 9 PC members from Barbados...

other than that, I still havent figure out the proper way of handling the backside of these cards :)

Anu said...

I've been wondering about that as well, actually. I reckon they include inactive users as well, and people who have signed up but have never sent a single card, or maybe sent one or two but haven't logged back in for years. The stats just don't add up :p

The backs of pretty much all postcards from Postallove are like that and yes, they are a pain. I just ignore the lines printed on the cards and stamp and address them as I would "normal" cards, if that makes any sense.