Tuesday, 5 January 2016


So I briefly mentioned that I spent this Christmas in Finland. My mum turned 60 on Christmas Day and Matt reckoned we could go over and surprise her. It took a lot of planning, starting from around late August, but was very much worth it as mum was so happy to see us (after the initial shock... :p) and told me us going over was the best present she's ever had. So yes, Christmas 2015 was pretty special, even if not very conventional. It was also a little odd to be in Finland at Christmas and there to be no snow at all in Helsinki or Lappeenranta.

...nothing like this postcard, then! Haha. This is from a swap with Lilla in Finland last year. She was kind enough to send me a postcard with the Year of the Sheep stamp sheet issued in Åland.

I have no idea of the name or location of this lighthouse, all I know is that it's located somewhere in Finland. There isn't even any room for writing on the postcard (apart from address) as the stamp sheets takes up all the space. :D

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