Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mailbox, Guernsey

You know those 'Touchnote' cards that were really popular this summer thanks to the promotion? I received some of them, too, but only sent a couple as I realised too late that you didn't need to have a Samsung phone to be able to send these cards, grrr. :( I really like the idea, although I wouldn't want "normal" postcards to be replaced with these as there's no personal handwriting or real stamps.

Anyway.. one of these cards I received was a surprise from dear Agi in Croatia. Thank you so much!! :)

I particularly like this one as it's mail related, and Agi was clever to choose a picture of a Victorian wall post box in Guernsey - seeing as these cards are being sent from Guernsey. I hadn't realised post boxes in Guernsey are blue, I wonder if they are all like that over there? ..hhhmmmm...

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