Friday, 19 February 2016

mailboxes, Germany

Now, this isn't the kind of card I normally post in this blog. ...which I suppose it's a little strange because I really, really like this kind of cards and a lot of my favourite postcards are not view cards. And yet I mainly seem to post view cards here. O_o Anyway, last year I mentioned in a postcard group on Facebook that when I first started Postcrossing, I received a few postcards from Norbert ('Nordbaer') in Germany and really liked them, and that I missed his cards as he's such a wonderful person. Someone relayed my comment to him and I received a postcard from him. :) This is one of the reasons why I love Postcrossing and the postcard community on Facebook. Well, people I "know" anyway. I must confess I'm not too much into the big Postcrossing group on FB. Some people are not very polite there and have strange demands.. ...and the photo proof requests still nark me a little bit, even though I can understand the reasoning behind them. (You never get these requests on the PC forum, though!) I'm actually more drawn towards official Postcrossing again as I've received some really lovely cards recently, and some very nice messages as well. I like the relative spontaneity of it all. I just wish my address didn't keep getting given out too many times. I wonder if that problem is ever going to be fixed as it's been a few years now. It's my main gripe with the official Postcrossing site.

Anyway, mailboxes! These are so bright and lovely, I wonder if they are still in use.. I might have mentioned it before but we don't even have a mailbox, just a slot in the front door.

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