Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Best wishes from Sichuan, China

I'm not much into those fake "Greetings from" cards. Some of them look pretty cheap and nasty, some do actually look quite nice but I just don't like the idea of copying someone else's design. Why can't you come up with something original yourself??

I did  make an exception for this one from China, I think this is really nice and not as bad a copy as most of the others.

I also like the fact that this card mentions Sichuan cuisine. The "real" dishes would probably be way too hot for me, but I like experimenting at home and actually make some Sichuan eggplant earlier today. Toban djan chilli bean sauce is sooo tasty, and I find Sichuan peppers kind of addictive. I really want to try make kung pao chicken at home too. It was lovely when I had it from one takeaway a couple of years ago, but after ordering it from somewhere else after that it wasn't the same at all. I don't even know how it's supposed to taste like...

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