Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Quinard Lighthouse, Alderney

I think this is my only postcard from Alderney so far. I bought this on ebay last year and was a wee bit annoyed when I found out the sender actually lived in Alderney - if I had known, I would've asked them to put a stamp on the card and send it 'naked' instead of sending it in an envelope. Oh well, at least I still got an Alderney stamp with it... :P

Info on the back of the card:  

Built 1912 on the eastern tip of the island, approximately 7,5 miles from the French coast at Cap la Hague. The island is 5 miles long, 1,5 miles wide, population of 1,500, the most northerly of the Channel Islands yet closests to France, main industries are agriculture and tourism, regular shipping connection with Guernsey, 21 miles away, landing strip with daily connections by plane to Guernsey and mainland (Gatwick and Southampton). Pleasant, clean uncrowded beaches, bracing atmosphere. 

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