Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine

Last year I participated in a photography contest on the Postcrossing blog where the task was to take a picture of a place special to you/a secret place most people don't know about. I don't usually have any luck in competitions so I was really surprised to find out I was one of the three winners. The prize was a pack of 100 postcards made using the photo. I really like mine, they are nice and shiny and large so there's lots of room for writing (although it would be nice if the backs of the cards weren't completely blank...). One of the other winners, fuegoazul from Ukraine, agreed to a swap with me which I'm really happy about as her photo is simply stunning. Just look at it!

I wish I would've thought of adding text to the front of the cards as well! You can read more about this place in the link above, it really does sound like something out of a fairytale!

Klevan is an urban-type settlement in the Rivne Raion (district) of Rivne Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. Its population is 7,470 as of the 2001 Ukrainian Census.

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