Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sandoy, Faroe Islands

For the longest time I didn't have any postcards from the Faroe Islands - and then suddenly this summer I received two! I'm certainly not complaining, it looks like such a beautiful, fascinating place.

Sandoy is the first of the five southern islands that make up the Faroe chain, the fifth biggest of all the Faroe Islands, an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark. As of 2011, the largest population center on the island is the village of Sandur with a population of 599. Other settlements include Skarvanes, Skopun, Skálavík, Húsavík and Dalur. The island's surrounding bird cliffs and steep slopes have been identified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International because of their significance as a breeding site for seabirds

On the left on this card you can see a view from Húsavík, an old village located on the east of the Isle of Sandoy. In the centre of Húsavík there is a ruin called ‘Heimi á Garði’. It is said to be the remains of a farm that was built by ‘Lady of the House in Húsavík'. She was a strict and wealthy lady who lived in the 14th century. She owned all the land in Húsavík and also had some properties in Norway. Legend says that she buried two servants alive. It is also said that she got all her wealth, when she sold a golden horn to the king. The story goes that she found the golden horn in the ground, after dreaming of its location.

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