Saturday, 22 December 2012

Khanbulan, Lankaran, Azerbaijan

One more card for today.. and it's my first written and stamped postcard from Azerbaijan! It's such a beautiful view, too, I really like it. I saw some more pictures of Azerbaijan on tv when the Eurovision song contest was held in Baku, but I have to confess I still know very little about this country. Thank you for telling me a bit more, Dilara!

The description on the back of this card reads 'Khanbulan, Lankaran'. Khanbulan is a lake, I think, but I couldn't find much info about it. I wonder if 'Lankaran' refers to the Lankaran Rayon, then. I've already written about the city of Lankaran here, but the Rayon is a separate entity, surrounding but not including the city of Lankaran, which is technically a separate administrative region. The Lankaran Rayon does have a vast area of national parks, where a variety of fauna and flora are preserved.

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João said...

Wow!!! Azerbaïjan!!!!
Congratulations for your blog.

Greetings from Brazil.