Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wrocław, Poland

I've said before that I'm not generally too fond of multiviews. A lot of them just seem to be too crowded and you can't see anything properly on them. However, I really like this official I received earlier this year. ...maybe because it's a panoramic card and larger than a normal card so you can still see what's in the pictures? ...and it does help that it has a bicycle on it ;)


Wrocław is situated on the River Oder in Lower Silesia. It is the largest city in southwestern Poland.

Wrocław was the historical capital of Silesia, and today is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Over the centuries, the city has been part of either Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia, or Germany, but since 1945 it has been part of Poland as a result of border changes after World War II. According to official figures for 2010, its population is 632,996, making it the fourth largest city in Poland.

Wroclaw is one of the hosts of UEFA Euro 2012. Wrocław has been selected as a European Capital of Culture for 2016. It will share the title with San Sebastián (aka Donostia), Spain. In 2017, Wrocław will host the World Games, a competition in 37 non-olympic sport disciplines.

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