Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hong Kong

A wonderful treat from Heather when she visited Hong Kong last year.

My friend Miranda is going back home there later this month. How cool it would be to explore the place with her one day... Although I'm really not jealous of her at the moment as she's been sick since coming back from HK in January, and British doctors have been totally useless :S I hope she'll get everything sorted out soon!

As for this card, I'm guessing it shows central Hong Kong.. on the back of the card it just says 'Panoramic view of Hong Kong at Evening'. Ahhh, I'd love to take photos of this kind of views!

This was the main point of this postcard.. a FANTASTIC, huge stamp/miniature sheet. THe postage is actually way more than what is needed but Heather told me she really liked it so wanted to use it. (..and both she and Miranda have told me that the price of mailing a postcard from Hong Kong is really cheap...) There's an awesome special cancellation, too, although I had to giggle a bit when I saw it had been placed upside down :P


Heather said...

I had a really hard time finding postcards in HK! I only had an overnight there (luckily I'd been before for a week so I knew my way around). I was looking for a postcard stand but it turns out they sell them in packs of ten in a small cardboard packet. Next time I'll know lol.

I think postcards are HK$3.50 (which makes it a third what I pay from Australia) to send. I paid extra for this but I was so excited to find postbox stamps and a special cancellation that I chose it for you. You're worth it because you always use such beautiful stamps!

Anu said...

I hadn't realised you could only buy postcards in packs there! That sounds a bit strange. ...maybe that's why Miranda always gives me a bunch of cards instead of just one or two?.. hmmmmm...

I wish postage was that cheap here as well! ..instead it's going up by around 30% at the end of this month. I'm NOT impressed! ...and yeah, that's such an amazing stamp!

Heather said...

I guess some places you can buy them individually. I saw them individually sat a shop in the airport (dragon dance postcards) but thought "I'll find those again" but yeah...I didnt lol.