Wednesday, 19 May 2010

raccoon, USA


This lovely raccoon postcard arrived from the USA. The sender, Cathy, is from Minnesota and she tells me they have a lot of raccoons around there. (A couple of years ago they even rescued an abandoned baby raccoon and bottlefed it and raised it until it could live outside on its own. How sweet!)

This is what the postcard says about raccoons:
Native only to the Americas, the raccoon is a nocturnal, solitary animal. It spends most nights foraging for food along stream banks. Females prefer to nest in hollow trees or other protected places.
(Photograph: Tom & Pat Leeson)

The cat and dog stamps are from a set of 10 stamps, 'Adopt a Shelter Pet', issued in April 2010. Very cute, and the cat looks like one of our cats (we have six cats at home, three black ones and three black & white ones). :)
As a curiosity, there was a similar issue in the UK earlier this year, for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Nice to see unfortunate animals getting publicity this way!

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