Thursday, 24 March 2016

Chiayi, Alishan, Taiwan

Another surprise from Jobbo. Thank you so much! This one arrived in early January. It's such a lovely view, too, I love the cherry blossoms! It's spring here as well now, although I haven't seen too many blossoming trees yet. There are lots of daffodils, though. :) ...and it's almost Easter, woo! I'm looking forward to hopefully spending a bit more time with Matt (and trying not to eat too much chocolate.... although to be honest, I'm looking forward to my homemade attempt of 'pasha' a lot more :P).

Now, I'm not sure if the name on the card refers to a city or a county in Taiwan. Chiayi is a provincial city located in the plains of southwestern Taiwan. Chiayi County, then, is a county in southwestern Taiwan surrounding but not including Chiayi City. It is the sixth largest county in Taiwan.

Likewise, I'm not sure whether 'Alishan' refers to the Alishan National Scenic Area (a mountain resort and natural preserve located in the mountains of Chiayi County), the Alishan Range (a mountain range in the central-southern region of Taiwan) or the Alishan Forest Railway (which I've written about here before... and actually, these two postcards look like the photos were taken in the exact same spot, hhmmmm...).

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