Friday, 15 August 2014


Uh-oh.. I think this might be the longest break I've had from this blog - almost eight months! It certainly wasn't intentional but somehow just happened. I don't even have any dramatic reasons for my silence and I won't go into details on what's happened since. I might have to re-think this blog, though, as it isn't really working at the moment. Maybe writing less about the postcards? It feels a bit silly because mostly I just copy and paste from Wikipedia. I just didn't want to have a postcard blog where I only post pictures of the postcards and stamps, that seemed a bit boring. We'll see... Anyway, this card arrived back in January. A lovely, HUGE mapcard that had been in my favourites for a while.

I don't know when this postcard was printed but somehow it seems a little old, which just adds to the charm. I kind of wish the actual map part of this card was bigger so that it would be easier to see all the details!

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