Saturday, 12 October 2013

Benidorm, Spain

This post is way overdue again. :( Me and Matt went to Benidorm, Spain, at the beginning of September for a week on holiday - and a much needed holiday it was as well. Benidorm is a bit of a weird place, it's SO touristy it's unreal, I'd never been anywhere like that before (and to be honest, I prefer somewhere with a bit more history...) but I had a great time, and it was lovely and sunny and warm, and there was lots to do, even if you aren't into drinking or clubbing. :P I've got photos online here.

Anyway, I sent myself a postcard from there as well but was a bit worried it might not arrive as I accidentally bought a few of these strange 'easy post' stamps in a little souvenir shop and they looked a bit dodgy (but it was late at night and the guy had already pulled the stamps out so I didn't want to start arguing or change my mind and say I don't want them after all :S). It did take about three weeks for the card to arrive! I sent a few cards with these stamps and everyone said the cancellation on their card reads 'Malta', and the stamp was covered with a white sticker. O_o Mine arrived like that, too, but I managed to remove the sticker. So yeah, I wouldn't recommend 'easy post', they're certainly not value for money either as the stamps cost €1 each, a lot more than regular Spanish stamps.

Benidorm is a coastal town and municipality located in the comarca of Marina Baixa, in the province of Alicante, Valencian community, Spain, by the Western Mediterranean. Prior to the 1960s, Benidorm was a small village. Today it stands out for its hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers, built as a result of its tourist-orientated economy. According to the 2010 census, Benidorm has a permanent population of 71,198 inhabitants, ranking as the fifth most populous town in the Alicante province. It has a population density of 1,848.8 inhab/km². The unique skyline formed by its numerous tall hotels and apartment buildings, which is unlike any other on the Costa Blanca (White Coast) Urban Age project, bears witness to the fact that Benidorm has the most high-rise buildings per capita in the world.

Benidorm has a special micro-climate all year round thanks to the mountains which surround the town. It enjoys some 3,400 hours of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature on the coast of 18°C (15°C in winter and 26°C in summer). Between December and March the temperature of the sea water is around 15°C.

I'm not actually sure where exactly the place shown on this card is located, it's certainly not the main beach. I should've chosen a card that represents the place a bit better (I've got loads of blank ones :P).

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