Sunday, 4 August 2013

North Korea

This card took some effort to receive, and I have two people to thank for this one: Gisela for sending it, and dear Heather for forwarding it onto me after Gisela couldn't send any mail directly to Europe, so I could still get a written & stamped card from North Korea. :)

I have no idea what sort of train this is or anything else about it, there's no info on the back of the card at all. ...but it certainly adds to my collection of train postcards! ;)


Heather said...

It was no trouble at all, and certainly nothing you wouldn't do for me if the situation was reversed! I'm glad it reached you safely, that was one envelope I was nervous to put in the mail because I know how special that card is!

Anu said...

Thank you so much again, it was SO kind of you to help!

I've got something for you that I hope you'll like, I'll be posting it tomorrow :)