Saturday, 30 March 2013

Polish foods

I ended up receiving two copies of this card last year, and both through swaps as well. I don't mind, though, I really like it. ...although it does make me hungry :P

 There's a fairly big Polish community in the area where I live so it's pretty easy to find Polish foods in supermarkets and other shops. I haven't tried many for some reason, though, and only tried some pierogi a few weeks ago when Matt's mum bought some that had been in the 'reduced' section in Tesco. Mmmmm, so tasty! ...and those pickled cucumbers look really yummy as well, I wonder if they're more sweet or sour? I prefer the kind that's not too sweet, but sadly those aren't too easy to find (I think they're more of a Russian thing??). The things in the middle in this postcard are some sort of smoked cheeses, made of salted sheep milk.

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