Saturday, 22 October 2011

Plešivica, Croatia

Another beautiful postcard from a dear friend, this time from Nives. I actually received this card a few months ago, but I'm really, really behind with this blog.. :/

Plešivica is a mountain about 40 kilometres from Zagreb. I couldn't really find much info about it, and it all seems quite confusing as there seems to be different spellings, and I'm not sure if I'm reading about the right place as they are apparently also located in different parts of Croatia... hhhmmmm... In any case, it looks like a really beautiful place, I like the foggy view. :)

The stamp is from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2010, representing Croatian Ethnographic Heritage. This one shows Medimurje.


Nives said...

I think the confusion comes from the fact there are actually two mountains called that way. One, Plješivica, is near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina (
The other is locally called Plješivica, but I think the official name would be Žumberak ( and that's the one in this postcard.
I don't know why two names, I couldn't find out whether maybe a peek is actually called Plješivica or what. Sorry I'm not of more help.

Anu said...

Ooo, ok. That does sound quite confusing, thank you for letting me know!

It's such a lovely card, too! :)